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Glossary of Foundry Terms - XYZ

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A form of radiant energy with extremely short wave length which has the ability to penetrate materials that absorb or reflect ordinary light. X-Rays provide a form of Non-Destructive testing.


Comparison of finished casting weight verses total weight of metal poured in a mold. A value expressed as a percentage indicating the relationship of the weight of a casting to the total composite of the casting and its gating system.

Yield Ratio

The ratio of yield strength to ultimate tensile strength.

Yield Strength

A measure of the amount of mechanical stress a material can withstand before it permanently deforms.

Young's Modulus (E)

See Modulus of Elasticity.


A chemical element having symbol Zn, formula weigh 65.38, specific gravity 7.140, and melting point 419.4°C.


Natural zirconium silicate, ZrSiO4 containing 67.23% zirconium oxide, ZrO4, and 32.77% silica, SiO2, is used as a molding medium in steel foundries.


ZrO2 an acid refractory up to 2,500°C (4,532°F) having good thermal shock resistance and low electrical resistively.


Silvery-white, metallic element, mp 1,860°C (3,380°F), a powerful deoxidizer when added to molten steel.


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