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Benefits of purchasing Gray Iron Castings from Atlas Foundry

Atlas Foundry Company, Inc. has been providing Gray Iron Casting services and other secondary services from its foundry located in Marion, Indiana since 1893. During our over a century of service to customers needing high quality Gray Iron Castings, we have asked our customers to help us define the benefits they have derived from doing business with Atlas Foundry.

For ease of site visitor use, we have divided our benefits into 5 key categories. Site visitors can move to and view the benefit sections they are most interested in by clicking one of the categories listed below:


Atlas Foundry customers can:

  • Have parts made that range in weight from ½ to 50 lbs., in Gray Iron Classes 25, 30, and 35, at Atlas Foundry's main plant, providing the customer with a wide range of materials and weight options to satisfy their requirements, saving the time and effort required to manage multiple vendor relationships.

  • Take advantage of Atlas' Disamatic molding machine capabilities by converting conventional molding equipment (Hunter & Sinto) to Disamatic molding machine that creates a hard mold surface around the mold cavity, providing closer mold tolerances resulting in the elimination of, or reduction in the need for, additional cost machining services.

  • Reduce machine stock and draft with castings made on our Disamatic molding machines.

  • Place orders with Atlas Foundry for as few as 100 molds without incurring a set-up charge, providing the ability to have low volume fill-in orders processed economically, saving set up costs or the added paperwork and labor expenses of using another foundry that specializes in low volume production.

  • Source Ductile Iron, Austempered Iron and short run conventional castings, for most types of cast iron products, through Atlas' relationship and contacts in the industry, increasing purchasing control and efficiency.


Communication Benefits

Atlas Foundry customers can:

  • Submit RFQs by email, fax, or mail, allowing the customer to communicate their needs in whatever method is most convenient for them, saving time and effort by not requiring a quote to be submitted by an unfamiliar system of communication.

  • Obtain quote responses in timely manner, allowing production and planning decisions to be made quickly.

  • Receive written Atlas Foundry communications including:

    • RFQ responses,
    • mutually agreed upon design change acknowledgements,
    • shipping date notifications, order acknowledgements, and
    • pricing changes,

eliminating potential confusion and providing both parties with a record of critical communications, saving all parties from possible costly problems in the future.


Logistics Benefits

Atlas Foundry customers can:

  • Benefit from Atlas Foundry's central Midwest location and access to major interstate highways and inter-modal hubs, providing customers with various cost efficient transportation options and allowing the most cost effective transportation option to be utilized.

  • Utilize Atlas Foundry's internal trucking resources, operating up to a 500-mile radius, for delivery and the sourcing of secondary services, alleviating the headache of coordinating transportation services, saving management time, effort, and costs.


Services Benefits

Atlas Foundry customers can:

  • Have required mold design, pattern development, and on-going pattern maintenance handled by Atlas Foundry personnel, eliminating their need to become involved with pattern production and service saving valuable customer management time.

  • Use Atlas Foundry's current partners for light assembly services to:

    • glue,
    • assemble,
    • custom package,
    • barcode, and
    • ship finished parts,

reducing or eliminating our customers' needs to provide these services internally reducing their assembly, handling, packaging and related management costs.

  • Capitalize on Atlas Foundry's existing relationships with pattern shops, machine shops, heat-treaters, metal finishers and painters to obtain favorable terms and good service assuring critical secondary services are performed when they are required, thereby reducing customer purchasing costs for multiple vendor services.  

  • Utilize Atlas Foundry's managed inventory program, ensuring parts are ready when needed, eliminating internal inventory storage and related management oversight costs.


Quality Benefits

Atlas Foundry customers can:

  • Obtain documented and certified part quality, reducing or eliminating the need for internal customer quality control reviews, reducing manpower and expediting the part transit to inventory, or allowing shipment of parts directly to the assembly line saving time and money.

  • Rely on Atlas Foundry for quick response and competitive pricing as our customers have for well over 100 years.


If you would more information about Atlas Foundry Company and the Gray Iron Casting and other services we provide, please call us at (765) 662-2525, fill out our Information Request Form , or email Sales.

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