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Rule 9. Control Residual Stress

Avoid unknown or random residual stress by forbidding quenching of low ductility, light alloy castings into water following high temperature solution treatment. Boiling water is also not permitted since it represents a negligible improvement over cold water. However, polymer quenchant or forced air-quench may be acceptable if casting stress is shown to be negligible. Planned residual stress may be beneficial if designed correctly into the quenching process.

This chart shows the rates of cooling of a 20 mm diameter aluminum bar when quenched by various means from 932°F (500°C).

Chart showing the rates of cooling of a 20 MM diameter aluminum bar when quenched by various means.

Elongation to Failure Results
from Different Quenching Media

Quenching Media

Elongation (%)
Mean ±2.5


Hot-water quench 158°F (70°C) 4.73 ± 2.72 2.01
Cold-water quench 6.47 ± 1.67 4.80
Water-glycol quench 5.81 ± 0.96 4.85

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10 Rules for Good Casting
  1. Provide a Good Quality Melt
  2. Avoid Liquid Front Damage
  3. Avoid Arrest of the Liquid Front
  4. Avoid Bubble Damage
  5. Avoid Core Blows
  6. Avoid Shrinkage Damage
  7. Avoid Convection Damage
  8. Plan Segregation Distribution
  9. Control Residual Stress
  10. Provide Location Points

Article by John Campbell
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Reprinted with permission