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Gray Iron Casting Secondary Services

Atlas Foundry provides a variety of internal and external secondary services to satisfy the needs of our Gray Iron Casting customers.

Internal secondary services include:Grinding - photo

External secondary services include:

Internal secondary services

Part evaluation

Atlas Foundry personnel review engineering blue prints or the physical part to determine if the part is suitable for casting as designed and then determine how to most effectively cast the part. Management provides recommendations to our Gray Iron Casting customers for needed part design changes if the part cannot be cast as initially designed.

Prototype development

Atlas Foundry management provides prototypes so that part fit, function, and performance can be evaluated and minor changes then made prior to casting production.

Part finishing

Atlas Foundry's production team provides a variety of finishing services for its castings when a casting requires cleaning or finishing to provide a specified surface. Our production personnel tumble parts in a drum, shot blast them, or grind the parts on a wheel to clean and finish the casting, dependent on the customers needs.


External secondary services

Independent metallurgical evaluation

We provide independent metal composition verification as a service to our customers. We send test bars to an independent laboratory where they undergo mechanical performance analysis to document and certify that the material meets the customer's performance specifications.


We source machining services from one of several high quality local area machine shops with which Atlas Foundry has maintained on-going relationships for several decades. We utilize these shops to provide drilling, tapping, milling, threading, cutting, or polishing secondary services.


We send out finished castings to paint shops or metal finishers to have the specified coatings applied. We source coatings from local area paint shops or metal finishers with whom Atlas Foundry has maintained on-going relationships for an extended period of time.

Heat treating

We also send gray iron castings to heat-treating shops to have the casting either annealed or hardened, to our customer's specification. We obtain heat treating services from a variety of local and regional organizations that Atlas Foundry has worked with over the years that we know are very capable of satisfying the needs of our customers.


If you would more information about Atlas Foundry Company and the Gray Iron Castings and other services we provide, please call us at (765) 662-2525, fill out our contact form, or email Sales.

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