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General FAQs

To get answers to the most frequent questions about Atlas Foundry and the services we provide, please select one of the links below:

For what types of applications has Atlas Foundry provided castings?

Atlas Foundry has produced castings for a wide range of applications that include:

  • A/C & Heating Equipment
  • Pumps
  • Engine components
  • Motors/generators
  • Trucking components
  • Compressors
  • Farm equipment
  • Home appliances
  • Marine industry
  • Stadium seating
  • Valve bodies
  • Construction industry
  • Wheel hubs
  • Brake drums
  • Agriculture industry

However, this only a partial list of applications and it changes constantly.


What type of foundry services does Atlas provide?

Atlas produces Gray Iron Castings at its main plant in Marion, Indiana and Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, and Austempered Ductile Castings through Atlas' relationship and contacts in the industry.


How long has Atlas Foundry been in business?

Atlas Foundry has been owned and operated by the Gartland family since 1893.


What information do we need to provide to Atlas Foundry to develop a quote?

We will need to know the following information to provide a quick and complete Gray Iron Casting quote:

  • Estimated Annual Quantity - (EAU)
  • Description of existing tooling
  • Blueprints or electronic files
  • Estimated casting weight if available
  • Metal specifications
  • Expected release quantities
  • Anticipated production date
  • Required secondary services

In addition, if available, Atlas Foundry would like a dimensionally accurate sample to evaluate.


How should we contact Atlas Foundry with our RFQs or questions?

Please contact as follows using whatever format is best for you.


(765) 662-2902


(765) 662-2525
Between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday


Atlas Sales Department

Mail RFQ:

Atlas Foundry Company, Inc.,
601 N Henderson Ave
Marion, IN 46952-3348


What are typical production lead times?

Atlas Foundry's lead times for casting production are typically 6 to 8 weeks. Leads times will vary dependent on the current work load.


Can Atlas Foundry provide the required patterns?

Yes, Atlas Foundry will work directly with one of our area's several high quality pattern shops to develop the required patterns. Atlas has worked with these vendors for several decades. Atlas will also work with pattern shop of customers' choice when required.


Can Atlas Foundry provide the required tooling?

Yes, Atlas can provide the required patterns, core boxes, core mask, rigs and gating, and sample layout if required. Tooling costs are charged for separately.


What geographic area does Atlas Foundry service?

Atlas Foundry provides Gray Iron Casting and other services to the entire Unites States. We are located in the heart of the Midwest, in Marion, Indiana, with excellent access to major interstate trucking routes.


Can we use Electronic Data Interchange, EDI, for processing orders?

Yes, Atlas Foundry currently uses all forms of receiving orders including email, phone, mail and fax.


Can Atlas Foundry accommodate rush orders in an emergency?

Yes, we have flexibility in our schedule to accommodate rush orders and will expedite the production of your components when a customer emergency arises.


Do you provide facility tours for potential customers?

Yes, the Atlas Foundry management team members enjoy, and look forward to, showing potential customers our Gray Iron foundry operation and explaining how their part will be processed.


If you would more information about Atlas Foundry Company and the Gray Iron Castings and other services we provide, please call us at (765) 662-2525, fill out our contact form, or email Sales.

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Atlas Foundry Company, Inc.
601 N. Henderson Avenue
Marion, IN 46952-3348
Telephone: (765) 662-2525 • Fax: (765) 662-2902
Email: Atlas Foundry • Sales: Email Sales

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