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Understanding Cast Irons - Gray Iron

When the composition of the molten iron and its cooling rate are appropriate, the C in the iron separates during solidification and forms separate graphite flakes that are interconnected within each eutectic cell. The graphite grows edgewise into the liquid and forms the characteristic flake shape. When gray iron is broken, most of the fracture occurs along the graphite, thereby accounting for the characteristic gray color of the fractured surface. Because the large majority of the iron castings produced are of gray iron, the generic term, cast iron, is often improperly used to mean gray iron specifically.

The properties of gray iron are influenced by the size, amount and distribution of the graphite flakes, and by the relative hardness of the matrix metal around the graphite. These factors are controlled mainly by the C and Si contents of the metal and the cooling rate of the casting. Slower cooling and higher C and Si contents tend to produce more and larger graphite flakes, a softer matrix structure and lower strength. The flake graphite provides gray iron with unique properties such as excellent machinability at hardness levels that produce superior wear-resisting characteristics, the ability to resist galling and excellent vibration damping.

The amount of graphite present, as well as its size and distribution, are important to the properties of the iron. Whenever possible, it is preferable to specify the desired properties rather than the factors that influence them.

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