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Understanding Cast Irons - High Alloy Irons

This classification includes high-alloy white irons, high-alloy gray irons and high-alloy ductile irons. Malleable irons are not heavily alloyed because this interferes with the metallurgy of the malleable process.

High-alloy irons are used in applications with demanding requirements such as extreme abrasive wear, heat or corrosion-resistance. These irons also are employed when unusual physical properties, such as low thermal expansion or nonmagnetic properties, are desired.

High-alloy iron castings are produced by foundries that specialize in their production because over 30% of alloy content requires the use of special melting facilities, casting techniques and quality control. The special property requirements of high-alloy irons are often too difficult to establish and verify for specification, so these irons are usually specified by their chemical composition. Mechanical property requirements also may be specified where these are important. The high-alloy irons are classified by the type of unusual service conditions for which they are used.

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From Engineered Casting Solutions, Spring/Summer 1999.
Reprinted with permission.


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