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SIC to NAIC Conversion Charts

The North American foundry industry now has to switch its thinking away from the older Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system first devised in 1972 to convert to using the new North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) to define foundries and casting operations. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) has now replaced the U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system.


NAICS was jointly developed by the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to provide new comparability in statistics about business activity all across North America. Development organizations included the US Economic Classification Policy Committee, Statistics Canada , and Mexico's Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, Geografia e Informatica . The current NAICS directory, NAICS 2002, can be viewed at the following link .

The official 2002 US NAICS Manual North American Industry Classification System--United States, 2002 includes definitions for each industry, tables showing correspondence between 2002 NAICS and 1997 NAICS for codes that changed, and a comprehensive index. (A complete list of six-digit NAICS Codes and their definitions can be viewed at this link

The foundry industry classifications will be found primarily in the NAICS sectors 31 to 33 that make up the "Manufacturing" codes. These correspond mostly to the older SIC codes 33, 35, and 37.

The NAICS system defines each specific part of the number code sequence. The first two digits of the code defines the market sector, the third digit defines the subsector, the fourth defines the industry group, the fifth defines the NAICS industry, and the sixth generally indicates that the NAICS industry and the U.S. industry are the same.


Foundry conversions

The following table relates current foundry industry definitions with the older SIC codes and the newer NAICS codes. The table is sorted in NAICS code sequence ascending.

Table 1 - Foundry Conversions




Foundries 3315 No conversion code
Ferrous metal foundries 33151 No conversion code
Iron foundries 331511 3321
Malleable iron foundries No conversion code 3322
Steel investment foundries 331512 3324
Steel foundries, NEC 331513 3325
Nonferrous metal foundries 33152 No conversion code
Aluminum diecasting foundries 331521 3363
Nonferrous foundries (except aluminum foundries) 331524 3364
Aluminum foundries 331524 3365
Copper foundries 331525 3366
Other nonferrous foundries (except aluminum and copper foundries) 331528 3366


Potential metal casting market definitions conversions

The second table attempts to define all the major metal casting market segments - those market segments where various metal castings may be used. The second table is also sorted by ascending NAICS code.

Table 2 - Potential Metal Casting Market Definitions Conversions





3511 Turbines and generator sets 233611 Turbine and turbine generator set units manufacturing
3312 Blast furnaces and steel mills 331111 Iron and steel mills
344X Fabricated metal products (including boiler shops)


Fabricated structural metal manufacturing/boiler, tank, and shipping container manufacturing
3432 Plumbing Fixture Fittings and Trim 332919 Plumbing fixture fitting and trim / other metal valve and pipe fitting manufacturing
3494 Valves and pipe fittings (NEC) 332919 Other metal valve and pipe fitting manufacturing
3482 Military and small arms 332992 Small arms ammunition manufacturing
3498 Fabricated pipe and pipe fittings 332996 Fabricated pipe and pipe fitting manufacturing
3523 Farm machinery and equipment 333111 Farm machinery and equipment manufacturing
3524 Lawn and garden tractors 333112 Lawn and garden tractor and home lawn and garden equipment manufacturing
3531 Construction machinery 33312X Construction machinery manufacturing
3532 Mining machinery and equipment 333131 Mining machinery and equipment manufacturing
3533 Oil field machinery and equipment 333132 Oil and gas field machinery and equipment manufacturing
3553 Woodworking 33321X Sawmill and woodworking machinery manufacturing
3554 Paper industries machinery 333291 Paper industry machinery manufacturing
3552 Textile 333292 Textile machinery manufacturing
3555 Printing 333293 Printing machinery and equipment manufacturing
3556 Food products 333294 Food product machinery manufacturing
355X Special industry machinery 3332XX Industrial machinery manufacturing
3579 Office equipment 333313 Office machinery manufacturing
3585 Air Conditioning heating equipment (including refrigeration) 333415 Air-conditioning and warm air heating equipment and commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment manufacturing
3541 Machine tools 333512 Machine tool (metal cutting types) manufacturing
3544 Special dies and tools 333514 Special die and tool, die set, jig, and fixture manufacturing
3547 Rolling mill machinery and equipment 333516 Rolling mill machinery and equipment manufacturing
3549 Metalworking machinery (NEC) 333518 Other metalworking machinery manufacturing
3566 Power transmission (including drive and gear changers) 333612 Speed changer, industrial high-speed drive, and gear manufacturing
3519 Internal combustion engines (NEC) 333618 Other engine equipment manufacturing
3563 Compressors 333912 Air and gas compressor manufacturing
3561 Pumps and pumping equipment 33391X Pump and compressor manufacturing/pump and pumping equipment manufacturing
3535 Conveyors and conveying equipment 333922 Conveyor and conveying equipment manufacturing
3537 Industrial trucks and trailers 333924 Industrial truck, tractor, trailer, and stacker machinery manufacturing
3546 Power driven hand tools 333991 Power-driven handtool manufacturing
3567 Industrial process furnaces and ovens 333994 Industrial process furnace and oven manufacturing
357X Computer 3341XX Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing
366X Communications equipment 3342XX Communications equipment manufacturing
38XX Instruments 3345XX Navigational, measuring, electromedical, and control instruments manufacturing
363X Household appliances 3352XX Household appliance manufacturing
3621 Motors and generators 335312 Motor and generator manufacturing
371X Automobile 336111 Automobile manufacturing
371X Light truck and SUV 336112 Light truck and utility vehicle manufacturing
3714 Medium to heavy trucks 33612X Heavy duty truck manufacturing
372X Aircraft engines, parts, and equipment 33641X Aerospace product and parts manufacturing/aircraft engine and engine parts manufacturing/Other aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment manufacturing
376X Aerospace and missile parts 33641X Guided missile and space vehicle manufacturing/guided missile and space vehicle propulsion unit and propulsion unit parts manufacturing
374X Railroad equipment 3365XX Railroad rolling stock manufacturing
373X Ship building and ship repair 33661X Ship building and repairing
3751 Motorcycles, bicycles, and parts 336991 Motorcycle, bicycle, and parts manufacturing
3795 Tanks and tank components 336992 Military armored vehicle, tank, and tank component manufacturing
384X Medical and dental apparatus 339113/ 339114 Surgical appliance and supplies manufacturing/dental equipment and supplies manufacturing
3949 Sporting and athletic goods (NEC) 33992X Sporting and athletic goods manufacturing
3944 Games and toys 339932 Game, toy, and children's vehicle manufacturing


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