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Mechanical Properties of Gray Iron - Section Effect

A very important influence on the properties of gray iron is the effective thickness of the section in which it is cast. The thicker the metal in the casting and the more compact the casting, the slower the liquid metal will solidify and cool in the mold. As with all metals, slower solidification causes a larger grain size to form during solidification. In gray iron, slower solidification produces a larger graphite flake size. The cooling of a casting from red heat is in effect a heat treatment. A slower cooling of the casting will produce a lower hardness in the metallic matrix.

Alternately, iron that is cast into a section that is too thin will solidify very rapidly and can be file hard. A casting with separate sections that are appreciably different in thickness can have differences in graphite size and matrix hardness between the thick and thin sections even though the entire casting was poured with the same iron. These differences in structure produce differences in mechanical properties.

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Mechanical Properties of Gray Iron
  1. Introduction
  2. Composition
  3. Section Effect
  4. Classes of Gray Iron
  5. Hardness
  6. Factors Affecting Strength
  7. Base Chemical Composition
  8. Fatigue Properties
  9. Damping Capacity
  10. Fracture Toughness

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